Sunday, April 27, 2014

Character Sketches for WIP Apolonio's Light

First you gasp, because the immediate beauty of his face impacts like cannon fire, like creation’s first bang. Oh, the mind remembers his elegant symmetry, has recited again and again the lustrous fire of his brown skin. Still … you gasp, forgetting the power of one man’s beauty: the brows’ black slash, like night skies drawn a thousand times have never found a land to match their flawless stroke, till him. Him whose smile dimples as it seduces, rich lips that spin the stars’ glimmering eyes to him. Envious planets, envious suns, what you would give to shine with the candid joy in his eyes, and all your moons can’t beguile like the shadow-shifts as he turns bright welcome into devilish snare. 

You remember what you’ve forgotten, and you move to new impressions: his hair’s brief black ruffle beneath a stocking cap of wool. Cap ties dangle, tempting the finger’s tug, one slip to loose the universe he flings as silk across his brow, to trail the sky-blue, earth-brown flannel that coats the landscape of consummate him. Somewhere compressed heat expanded and meteors sliced the sky. He was created. But here, on the breadth of his chest, below the shelter of shoulders, is safe repose. Let his heart pulse through. The magnetism of planets, the thrill and the ache of beauty perplex as they awe. This man. There’s no turning from the blast that sets this axis spinning: his creation, and in turn, what you become through him.

Sequel to Beside the Darker Shore

Five-Star Review of Beside the Darker Shore

Five-Star Review of Beside the Darker Shore


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