Friday, October 26, 2012

Will you give me your story?

In your life is a story I don't yet know.

I'm older now; I've heard my own story often enough.

So, I sit open to what's new. I watch a barista's nod to a customer, the customer's indecision and distractions, and the gentle tone of waiting. I listen to the rat-a-tat laugh of another, the humor tossed and received. I hear a customer say, This is why I come. The door pushes open: a man in the rush of business, a woman treating her kids.

Everyone has a story, but the revelation comes in increments. The longer I watch, the more is revealed. Curiosity builds on hints and withholding.

In your life is the story I'm writing. Patience in its slow building, discovery as, within the potential of others, I see myself newly drawn.

Tell me your story, if you trust this storyteller, if you don't  mind your life melded with what the scribe needed to hear.


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