Saturday, October 13, 2012

An unusual vampire novel

Five-star review for my vampire novel Beside the Darker Shore is up at the GLBT Bookshelf:


"I liked the characters. While there are villains in Beside the Darker Shore, they are not the stereotypical villains of vampire novels. There was no right or wrong. There is an air of “what is best for me” for each character....For the pain each of these men brings to the other, it is hard to dislike any of them. Each is fighting for what he believes."

"I enjoyed the world building done in Beside the Darker Shore. Ms. Esposito creates a world that is believable. It could be a place where you want to live even if the neighbors are vampires. It is a utopia but problems occur and fear can turn normally accepting people into a vengeful mob. I want to learn more about this world and if it can survive Arturo and Stephen."

"Beside the Darker Shore is a fine read. I hope Ms. Esposito is planning a sequel or prequel. There are many unanswered questions and these are characters that have not left my mind since I finished the book."


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