Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A most unusual and original vampire novel

A wonderful five-star review of Beside the Darker Shore is up at the GLBT Bookshelf site, in which the reviewer says,

"Here is the most unusual and original vampire novel I’ve ever read – I know of nothing else like it, and I’ve read numerous novels in this genre...The story is so complex, you’ll have to roll with it and take up the details by osmosis...The writing style is also unorthodox, with a narrative so rich in detail, words often seem to dance off the page. When it works, it’s deeply evocative – I’m reminded of Poppy Z. Brite on steroids! Occasionally, the unorthodox nature of this 'freeform' narrative can be a mite hard to follow –but overall, the novel’s voice is so fresh, I was beguiled to the end."
 Beside the Darker Shore is available in paperback or ebook.