Monday, August 29, 2011

Name Your Favorite Vampire--Drawing for a Free Paperback

Who is your favorite vampire? TV, movie, or novel; female or male; sensually delicious or savagely cruel?

I’ve researched a number of vampire polls to find out which vampires were most popular. Some listed vampires I’d never heard of; many listed the vampires of recent TV shows and movies. But the name that came up most was still Lestat.

Take a look at the long list of vampires I’ve gathered from recent polls. Tell me who your favorite is and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free paperback of my own vampire novel, Beside the Darker Shore.

I’m eager to see which vampires have stolen our hearts in 2011.

Alphabetical listing of famous vampires in books, movies, and TV—the characters or the actors who portrayed them (*alphabetical by first name):



Alex O'Loughlin (Moonlight) (suggested by P.L. Parker--thank you!)

Alice Cullen

Amadeo in Theater des Vampires


Arkady Tsepesh




Barnabas Collins

Bela Lugosi

Bill Compton



Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Brian Lumley’s Wamphyri


Carlisle Cullen

AU Carlisle Cullen (from Lifetime Prelude and Blood Bank, not from Twilight)

Christian (Lost Souls)

Christopher Lee

Claire Radcliff

Caroline Forbes



Count Chocula

Count Dracula (legend)

Count von Count (Sesame Street)

Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary

Damon Salvatore


David Bowie

David Talbot

Deacon Frost

Denholm Elliott

Dominic Purcell



Elizabeth Bathory


Emmett Cullen

Eric Northman

Esme Cullen

Frank Langella

Gary Oldman

George Hamilton

Gerard Butler

Gordon Currie

Jack Palance

Jasper Hale

Javier Caffarena



Jessica Hamby

John Carradine

Josef Kostan

Juan R. Caraccioli

Julian Luna


Kalus Kinski

Katherine Pierce

Kiefer Sutherland


Leslie Nielsen

Lestat de Lioncourt (Cruise or Stuart Townsend)


Lilith Silver


Louis Jourdan

Lucien Lacroix

Marc Warren

Marius de Romanus

Max Schreck (Nosferatu)


Michael Jason Patrick

Mick St. John

Miriam Blaylock

Nick Knight


Pam De Beaufort


Rayn Bloode

Richard Roxburgh


Rosalie Hale

Rudolf Martin

Rutger Hauer

Sain Germain


Shori Matthews

Sillah (Lost Souls)

Soledad Miranda

Sonja Blue




Stefan Salvatore

Stephen Billington

Thomas Ian Griffith (Jan Valek)

Udo Kier (Andy Warhol’s)


Vampire Bats

Vampires from Embraced, Julien and Lillie

Vampires from Kindred (game and series)



Vlad the Impaler

Yutte Stensgarde (Camilla)


  1. How about Alex O'Loughlin when he played in Moonlight? Now he was really hot!

  2. @P.L. Parker

    Thank you for another to add to my list. I haven't seen Moonlight, and I see I've missed something good :)
    I found this YouTube clip:

    Thanks for the input. I'm enjoying these!

  3. It's hard for me to choose. I like Damon Salvatore. I loved Tom Cruise as Lestat. I liked David Talbot in the series.

  4. @xjenavivex
    I didn't realize what I was missing in not watching Vampire Diaries. In the research, I liked the look of Damon too. I've always loved Lestat in the Vampire Chronicles, though I think Armand has my heart even more. David Talbot--I hadn't thought of him but I loved that book. It is hard to choose, and that's a good thing :)

    Thanks for dropping by with your choices!

  5. Haha, I was gonna be like, that's easy, Dracula.

    But I think Count Chocula is pretty cool too. It's not often you get chocolate cereal from an immortal.

    I've never seen the David Bowie movie, but I hear really good things.

    Did you come up with this list off the top of your head? I had to look up Leslie Nielson and Gary Oldman just to be sure.

  6. @Professor Emmer
    Ha! I hadn't thought of the chocolate milk aspect of Count Chocula. Perfect for you. I saw The Hunger long ago, so I don't know how I'd feel now. It always gets high ratings, but I wasn't drawn to go back to watch it (men tend to like the female action).

    I researched vampire polls to come up with the list, drawing from a number of places. I haven't seen most of movies or TV shows, though I think I'd like to now. I also have read very few vampire novels. Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite are the only ones I've liked!

  7. Hmm, I like all the above vampires but I'd have to say my favorite is Eric Northman (in the Sookie Stackhouse books, the books tend to be a little sharper ;) )
    Comedic I like PeeWee Herman as Amlyn in Buffy The Vampire Slayer (what a hoot!)

    Mindy :)

  8. @Mindy
    I keep hearing about how compelling Eric becomes. I've only seen the first season so far. I wonder if he's going to be pushing out some of the old favorites. I hope to see more soon.

    Haha, I don't think I saw that one! I love Buffy, but I can't remember PeeWee being in an episode. I'll have to check that out. Maybe it was a later season?

    Thank you for coming by and giving your input. I'll be in touch about the paperback winner, and if there's any consensus on a favorite.

  9. AU Carlisle Cullen (from Lifetime Prelude and Blood Bank, not from Twilight)

  10. @idylchild
    Thanks for adding where this Carlisle is from. I'll add him to the list. Do you have a link you'd want me to add? This is an area that some of the vampire fans (me included) haven't explored and would probably like to. I'll be getting back to you on the communities and fixing my birth date, etc. I'm cooking dinner right now! lol.

  11. @Patricia J. Esposito

    Our comm -- which explores vampires in depth (from Dracula to TV Tropes to Let the Right One In, even GRRM's Fevre Dream) is a_dazzle_ship. The only caveat is that we are a bit (well, in truth, VERY) anti-Twilight. So it is not a place for Twilight fans.

    We came out of a group of readers/writers who got addicted to Edward/Carlisle on these comms:

    Lifetime Prelude

    Blood Bank

    At the time we started reading these, I had never even heard of Twilight. So these two comms are our "canon" although we have branched out into other areas.

    Five of our writers are in the LJ Vampire Big Bang and we desperately need people to make fanmixes for the fics if anyone out there can help. I do not possess the skills but will learn them if necessary.

    Hope to get to know everybody here and on Livejournal. :)