Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And the character says, Remember me?

Woke this morning thinking about favorite fictional characters, whether in books or movies or TV or any other media. The characters that first popped into mind for me ranged from crushes to heroes to soulmates. I’m beginning my list, as they first came to mind, and might keep adding if I remember more.
I’d be curious to hear what characters have influenced or remained with you!
Aragorn (LOTR)
Eowyn (LOTR)
Jack (Lost)
Shep (The Hoax)
Stephen Dedalus (Portrait of the Artist …)
Quentin (The Sound and the Fury/Absalom! Absalom!)
Alyosha (Brothers Karamazov)
Ged (Wizard of Earthsea trilogy)
Charlotte (Lost)
Baltasar (The Campaign)
Orphan Huerta (Christopher Unborn)
Nayeli (Into the Beautiful North)


  1. Hmm, this was really interesting to me. I really identify with Disney villains. Everyone else tells me it runs from strange to just tinged with evil, but they're my favorite characters and their songs are ALWAYS my favourites. You know the song "Be Prepared" right? I fucking love that song. I know it forwards and backwards, even the cute little spoken interjections ("And where do we feature/Just listen to teacher")

    Whenever I ask my peers, they never can name the last book they read. I'm pretty bad on this front too. I absolutely loved To Kill a Mockingbird. I may have cried when I saw the movie and and I'm pretty sure I did after reading the book. I guess I've placed Gregory Peck into the book, now that I've seen the movie. He was excellent as Attacus. I dunno, I'll think more about this at work. I liked all the characters in Lord of the Flies, even the wicked ones.

    Here's a short, somewhat relevant Gregory Peck video: Gregory Peck

    I feel really bad no one is commenting on these, I'll try to cheque this page more. I went to your LJ page today but LJ's service was disrupted.

    WV: ingstlee- almost as fast as instantly

  2. I had to play the song. I should know it by heart since the kids watched it so much, but then I was more likely to sing along with Simba, lol. I think the villain songs are often wittier, sharper; villains give people the chance to explore what we repress.

    I remember asking people awhile back why some people chose to play the villains over the heroes--like buying Saruman figures instead of Aragorn in LOTR. I couldn't imagine it. But pretty morally-minded, conscientious people (yes, I mean you) do want to play-act the bad guys. Who knows, maybe it's those who are more compelled to do good that need the relief of a villain now and then.

    Definitely To Kill a Mockingbird. When I saw it as a kid, it stayed with me like no other movie ever had, Scout, Atticus, Boo, the dog ... (okay, the dog might not be a memorable character, but ...) Ha, the Family Guy scene ... that's perfect, lol.

    And don't worry about no comments here. I opened this so I'd have a public blog I could send people do with the novel promotion. I didn't want LJ to be that blog. I haven't had time to meet people here and link friends or anything. I just pasted a bunch of LJ posts here to get it started. It's one of those things I need to work on. I met a couple women who have vampire blogs, and I liked both of those a lot. I need to get back over and visit!

  3. I was thinking about this a little more, I liked all the characters from Lord of the Flies, I loved how the characters were representations/allegorical to types of people/occupations. Like, the kid who has dreams is supposed to be the mystic, the kid with glasses is the intellectual, and they're the first to be destroyed by the strong tyrants.

    I loved Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird, in the book his first scene is like, "I'm Charles Baker Harris III and I can read!!" And in the movie he's a goofy bucktoothed kid. That book and movie had such strong characters; I hated HATED Mr Ewell in both versions.